Not all finishes end up perfect

I love to post pictures of my success, but I figured I should also share some of my failures.  After all, that’s reality.

So, after building a beautiful cedar table, I decided to finish it with a weatherproofing stain, Sikkens Cetol MRD.  Seeing that this is an oil based product, I decided to cheap out and just get some disposable paint brushes that I wouldn’t have to clean.  BIG MISTAKE!  Here’s a picture of the horrible results with the finish.

Brush strokes in Sikkens Cetol finish on cedar table

Brush strokes in Sikkens Cetol finish on cedar table

Stay tuned.  I’m going to sand and re-finish this table.  Hopefully the second try turns out a little better.  Let this be a lesson to all:  Cheap paint brushes don’t save you money!

Here’s the link to the re-finished table.  It looks gorgeous now! I’m so glad I went with cedar for this patio table.

5 thoughts on “Not all finishes end up perfect

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  2. Thanks for posting the stain results. I know I need periodic reminders of construction fails, else I am liable to repeat them at regular intervals.

    • There is no real design consideration for wood movement, but because the joints are screwed together with pocket hole screws it does not seem to matter. It has survived many seasons outdoors with temperature and humidity/rain cycling. So far, so good.

  3. Hi Bryon
    The refinished table is beautiful. I am curious about what made the cheap disposable brushes not work as well. I use them sometimes and the only problem I have with them in stain work is the bristles sometimes come out and stick in the work. I solve this problem by grabbing the bristles of the dry brush and pulling. This works fairly well to get the loose bristles out. Thank you for posting the pictures of your very nice work. Best, Brian

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