Bingo Card Generator

DIY Baby Shower Bingo Cards

Here is a nice little DIY Bingo Card Generator I built.  It’s simple to use and easy to customize.  I made these bingo cards for a baby shower game, but you can easily modify this for any occasion.  Enjoy!

Download the DIY Bingo Card Generator Here

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo Cards


4 thoughts on “Bingo Card Generator

  1. Loving this butterfly Baby Bingo. I followed your instructions and it is printing half blank block and very pale letters in the others. Can you help?

  2. love the idea however when i print one and do the f9 to randomize before the next print and go to print again its not changing the bingo card selections.. :c ive had 3 of the same cards print out now what am i doing wrong?

  3. Well done, Bryan! Thank you for making this task so darn easy! I customized the list of 28, then hit F9, then printed to .pdf and saved and done! I would love to learn how to make Excel do more, so your formulas will be my study guide.

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