Refinishing the Cedar Table 2016

Here’s an update to show how the cedar table has weathered and how I brought life back to it.  While we were moving, this table had to sit out in the weather, unprotected and without maintenance for 2 full years.  Here it is when we finally got back around to it June 2016.  Pretty rough.

Table after 2 summers of weathering with no refinishing

It was showing a bit of weathering.  The finish had cracked and was missing in many places, leaving the bare wood to turn silver in from the sun’s UV light.  It’s time for a bit of sanding!

Starting to sand

Almost finished sanding

The top was much smoother after a quick hit with the palm sander. I was probably using 100 or 150 grit paper, but the finish was smooth enough with just a single pass.

Now time to add some fresh deck stain.  I still have the original can of Sikkens that I started with on this table, so I keep using it.  It is really easy to apply.  The table top looks great, almost new again!

After a fresh coat of stain

And finally, here’s a picture of the table a few weeks later, after a rain.  The finish is smooth and the water beads up nicely.

Water beads nicely!

I’m thinking about getting a table cover now to keep this look for a long time.  I’m liking this one from Amazon.  It should save me a bit of refinishing work and extend the life of this table for quite some time to come.

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