Spalted Boxelder Logs Into Lumber

I’m immediately putting the new bandsaw to work cutting up some spalted box elder firewood into useful boards. Take a look at it cutting away with the 1″, 2/3 TPI bimetal bandsaw blade from Detroit Bandsaw.

Split piece of firewood

This split piece of firewood shows the beautiful red spalting of a box elder tree. Similar to ambrosia maple, damage to this tree results in unique spalting with a beautiful red and pink color.

Simple guide for the first cut

Screwing a simple piece of plywood to the edge of the log allows a stable base and a straight line for the initial cut. All other cuts can be referenced to this one.

Work in progress
Need dust collection!

You can see the massive amounts of sawdust that can pile up if you don’t have a dust collector hooked up.

Pushing the limits

The 12″ resaw capacity was put to the test. I found that it could be increased to almost 13″ if the blade guard was removed. There is also room for almost 1″ more if some of the shielding is improved.

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