Live Edge Maple Serving Tray

This was a fast project just in time for the holidays. My wife saw some unique live edge serving trays and wanted one, so I quickly went out to the garage and started working. Since I didn’t have a saw with more than 5″ of cut capacity at the time, I used a handsaw and a sawzall to resaw 2 slices out of a 2″ thick slab of ambrosia I had. This turned out to be a much harder task than I thought, because I couldn’t effectively clear the chips from the cut. It probably took close to an hour to make this cut, which eventually led me to purchase a much larger bandsaw, my Grizzly 17″ G0513X2BF. But that’s a different story.

The finshed live edge tray, as a centerpiece for Christmas dinner

Since this was such a quick project, I don’t have many pictures during the build. After sawing, the pieces went through the planer to smooth them out, then LOTS of sanding. I finished them with multiple coats of Howard Butcher Block Conditioner until they would soak up no more.

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