Roman Hujer OnStep Shield

I decided to try the OnStep Shield designed by Roman Hujer since I didn’t have much initial luck with the CNCV3. I found George Cushing’s website that sold assembled Hujer Shields as well as Smart Hand Controllers, and the pricing was very good. I ended up purchasing an assembled ESP32duino/Hujer PCB, as well as the Smart Hand Controller (SHC).

This was a MUCH easier way to go. All I had to do was plug in my TMC2130 drivers, connect the wires to the motors, and it was working! Well, it was almost that easy. George had already flashed the software onto this and it was configured for my basic setup, although I still need to adjust the steps for each axis based on my final gear ratio I use.

Connecting the motors was completed using an ethernet cable. The 2 ethernet cable jacks on the Hujer shield are used. I found an old cable, cut it in half, then wired the adjacent pairs together. WhiteOrange +Orange, WhiteGreen + Blue, WhiteBlue + Green, WhiteBrown + Brown. The 8 wires in the ethernet cable become the 4 wires to the stepper motor. The first 2 sets go to one motor coil, the second 2 wires go to the second motor coil.

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