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I like to build stuff.  I wanted to test out WordPress as a way to share that with the world.

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  1. Just wondering which screws you used for which portion of your outdoor cedar table build? I am fairly new to woodworking and would like to replicate your project. I just don’t want to foul the lumber using screws that are too long or too short.

  2. Hi, I am looking to begin anodizing aluminum. Thankfully I found your anodizing tutorial through google. It has been very informative. I need to buy a power supply and would appreciate some advice. Is this the best place to ask questions?


    • Sure, ask away. I think you can find some pretty nice power supplies on Amazon & Ebay. My best recommendation is to look for a power supply that has a constant current mode – it will make life much easier.

  3. hey bryan. I am working on the set-up for the anodizing process. Where should I go for practice parts. Also I wouldnt mind picking your brain on some other things. My brother has a lot of ties in the aerospace industry and has guaranteed me that when I set this process up and run some samples successfully he will be able to send me more parts than I can handle.

    • I would first start by picking up some generic bar stock to work with. Places like Online Metals or McMaster Carr will work if you don’t have a local shop to go to. You might be able to find a place like ProtoLabs and see if they have any bad parts/overrruns/etc. that you could buy from them to start getting used to dealing with more comlpex geometries. Or maybe try to find some local machine shops and just buy their scraps.

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