Rolling Miter Saw Stand

I’m starting to put together the new shop plans and have decided that I want a rolling miter saw stand rather than the stationary stand I posted earlier. I still want to keep a few features from that stand, but add some additional features.

I really like the basic design shown at, but will be doing some modifications to make it my own.  I’ll try to keep the page updated with my progress.  Her table is shown below:

IMG_0124Here’s the modifications I’m thinking about:  I would like to be able to quickly swap tools on the top to take at least my  1)Miter Saw, 2) Drill Press, and 3) Grinder.  Other tools would be a plus, but not required.  Quick tool changes would be a very nice feature.  The body of the cabinet should be large enough to store these tools when they’re not installed on the top.

Also, I want the top of this table to be the same height as my table saw so I can use this as a portable outfeed / support table when needed to cut large pieces.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress.


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